Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Terrifyingness, thy name is...

We have something of a Worzel obsession going on at our house (hence the incident on the weekend involving two brooms, a wig, a mannequin head and a dress) ... it started off innocently enough... but now we watch it nearly every night! And any guests foolish enough to stumble into the vicinity of our lounge will be invariably treated to a screening of at least one of our fave episodes. This one ranks the highest, featuring as it does many of the "unique" features of the show that make it so fucked up great: Worzel's love of solving problems with senseless violence, blatant sexism, beheadings and dismemberments, classism and, well... it's a show about talking scarecrows, that should really say it all.

Since you, my loyal reader, aren't able to be here in person... please take a cyber-trip to my lounge and enjoy this special blog "screening" (eg. a few cobbled together screengrabs with some cursory comments underneath):

Hmmm... nothing says light hearted romps ahead like a body tied to a stake!

Mere minutes into the episode, Worzel attempts to decapitate a female scarecrow... because she refuses to marry him (bloody feminists!) The dubiousness of this as a solution to problems of a romantic nature aside, it should also be noted that the bride-to-be in question also looked like this:

Yes, a rotting cadaver.

Worzel then attempted to woo her by procuring himself a new head; an "Andsome Ead". The Handsome Head? Well, it looked like this:

After the head is placed on (a scene in which Worzel REMOVES HIS EXISTING HEAD!!) Worzel then returns a courtin'.

His beautiful intended agin:

Unfortunately, despite his attractive new Errol Flynn style visage, the lady scarecrow is unimpressed and proceeds to decapitate him and then fling his limbs vigorously into the cornfield.

Send your therapists bill direct to the BBC!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gocco is totally...

Just like I've finaaaaaally got round to starting a blog, I've also finally purchased... a Gocco! (I know... 2006: UR DOIN IT L8) Anyways, it's all very exciting and new to me, and I wasn't going to let the fact that it hasn't actually arrived yet stop me from hitting The Goggle and doing a bit research into all the magical things I can create (talent and patience willing) with my new baby. Apart from being blown away by the incredible artistic abilities of my (soon to be!) fellow Goccoers (Goccettes??) in creating some of the the most beautiful and delicate prints I've ever seen, I've also been loving the imaginative ways people have been using different materials to make something really unique and amazing.

Here are a few of my favourites... all of them link from the image to the creator (including the delicatable pig above) so you can see more work from the superstar Goccettes (I'm running with this one) responsible. Most of them have etsy shops too - so get your credit card at the ready (or, if you wish, try and hide it from yourself but then hide it so well you actually genuinely forget where you've hidden it and then have to tear your room apart when you decide that you do HAVE TO HAVE whatever you were hiding it from yourself to avoid buying in the first place then throw a tanty when you can't... erm... not that I would know anything about that of course...)

I love love LOVE the simple beauty of this, from Treatzone:

Printed on vintage paper. Vintage + gocco = stunning. (Also = I'll totally be stealing your idea!)

I have long loved the idea of making my own decorated plates and bowls... Tempel is livin the dream by creating this beauts series... they look so fun to make (and eat off!)

Novelty Moustaches + Badges ... another fatal combination! This time from Peskimo:

Gah! These badges rule. Well played, Asking For Trouble:

I love disembodied hands! Erm, decoratively speaking of course. Bugger... nearly gave myself away there.

Not only does this ship look stunning printed on this old book page.. but the book in question is The Cruel Sea! The award for the most awesome attention to detail definately goes to Treatzone...

Is it a sign that you've been hanging around too many craft sites when you want to marry a drawing of a man printed on a lavender bag? What??!! I'm a sucker for a beard okay! This cutie (the bag... I swear I mean the bag) is from fricdementol.

Perhaps we could live in this house, you know, if things worked out...

Made by the talented folk at somethings hiding in here.

This is a thaumatrope. Apparently. I think that's a fancy word for "thing that spins around till both sides blur together and make one image". In this case the bird sings! Chris Rockwell made this little beauty (and he also knows how to use "thaumatrope" in a sentence... multi-talented!)

Faux woodgrain. Do I need to explain any further to you why these boxes from Clever Indie are goddamn ace? No? Good. We're on the same page here.

The design so nice I had to feature it twice. It reminds me of the Magnetic Fields song The Book of Love.

The book of love is long and boring
And written very long ago
It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes
And things we're all too young to know

Hmmm... just me?

Embroidery hoops make such good frames! And Ditazol makes such good prints... this is lovely:

And I love bags that say I love buttons. Asking for trouble made that one.

Okay, bedtime for me! Thanks for reading and looking... which one's your fave?


Saturday, March 21, 2009

For Emily with love and squalor

Emily... here is another birthday present for you... my first post. So you don't have to be following the Blog with No Posts anymore!

It wasn't that painful.

Maybe I'll do more!