Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This video for the song "Bubble" by King Creosote & Jon Hopkins is so beautiful... like a melancholic Ponyo. The animation matches the music so wonderfully.

Really really awe inspiring video of the making of the animation here. I assumed it was all magically created by computers but it was even more magically created by hand! Well, part of it. Mind. Blowing.

Makes me happy that people are out there in the world making things this lovely.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Lucy James

... is a new fave Melbourne artist to add to the list. I stumbled upon her work on Sunday in the project room at the Abbotsford Concent's c3 gallery, a neat little unexpected discovery! (The best part of that day it turns out... ugh to bad dates!)

"Born from encyclopedias, nature manuals and history books, this work explores collage as thought process, through paper scraps, cut images and refined compositions. This work aims to question the basis of ideas and where they come from, using the notion of strange beasts and bizarre situations, and the way these fantasies develop unconsciously in our minds.

The accumulation of collage material builds a fantasy world shown in a disjointed narrative, setting parameters for an alternate reality, which is displaced from our own but bears similarity in its elements."

I LOVE that Lucy's sense of humour shines through in not only her blog, but also the works themselves.

Look at that ferret minion! (Also this piece is entitled "Pussy Queen" *snickers immaturely*)

Inspired by Lucy's work I created a homage on our (okay, my) "Ginger Cats 2011" calender at work...

He he!