Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jolie Holland

Mexican Blue... my sunday evening lullaby of choice. Sleep tight.


Taglioni's Jewel Casket

... was the first Joseph Cornell work I ever saw, stumbled upon really, at NYC's Moma gallery. Ever since then he has been my favorite artist. I think he always will be.

"On a moonlight night in the winter of 1835 the carriage of Marie Taglioni was halted by a Russian highwayman, and that enchanting creature commanded to dance for this audience of one upon a panther's skin spread over the snow beneath the stars. From this actuality arose the legend that to keep alive the memory of this adventure so precious to her, Taglioni formed the habit of placing a piece of artificial ice in her jewel casket or dressing table where, melting among the sparkling stones, there was evoked a hint of the atmosphere of the starlit heavens over the ice-covered landscape."


Friday, February 26, 2010


... come into your life in different ways. Some come crashing in, with fanfare, noise, the promise that maybe everything could change forever now that they are around. They have a party, make things fun ~ then maybe not so fun ~ trash the furniture then leave. Or are booted out! Some however let themselves in without even really a peep. Without you even noticing they make things nicer for you, re-arranging the furniture of your heart. Then they announce quietly they are going and slip out the door, leaving everything a little different than the way it was before. And it's not till that announcement that you notice that everything is a little better, nicer, because they were there.

It's those people you really miss.


ps. I also have some very exciting news... watch this space!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


... is awesome! That is all.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Camille Pissarro

"Happy are those who see beauty in the modest spots where others see nothing."



I love the beautiful potential for juxtaposition offered by the the Diana Mini split screen...

All images taken from the Diana Mini flikr group. I just noticed how autumnal my choice of photos is. I think I must be about ready to break out the stockings and scarves!


"I am at war with the obvious"

"I am afraid that there are more people than I can imagine who can go no further than apppreciating a picture that is a rectangle with an object in the middle of it, which they can identify. They don't care what is around the object as long as nothing interferes with the object itself, right in the center. Even after the lessons of Winogrand and Friedlander, they don't get it... They want the obvious... I am at war with the obvious" -- William Eggleston

Interesting looking documentaries on Eggleston here and here. I would love to see these.