Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your Heart is an Empty Room

How lovely...

... are these images of abandoned buildings from The Kingston Lounge ? I was so excited to see these particular images, because when I was cycling around Brooklyn in a glorious daze a few years back I actually stumbled upon the VERY BUILDINGS these are in and was soooo curious to see what was inside. What a neat mystery to have solved years later via the magical interwebs!

I was way too scared to try and take a peek myself of course... having imagined that they were the secret hideout of a Warriors-esque New York street gang!!! Which would have been pretty exciting too... in fact... damn you interwebs for ruining my fantasamagorical vision!

And now, because I have fleetingly mentioned the Warriors, I have an excuse to link to perhaps the greatest opening credits of all time... click to enjoy...

Yipppeee! (Oooops... that wasn't very gangsta-y)


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