Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trouble In This Town

Yay! The Bats play Melbourne this weekend. Can't wait for a dose of lo-fi kiwi indie pop!

My love for all things Flying Nun has been rekindled this year with the release of the sublime 'Not Given Lightly' - a double album of Flying Nun covers released by the obscure (to me!) german label morr ("Putting the Morr back into Morrissey"... GOLD!)

Treat youself to a listen... or maybe a new purchase... here!

Although, it must also so be said, sometimes it IS impossible to beat the original... I mean... HOW COULD YOU??!!

(Click image to play)

I don't know whether to smile because the guitar is so awesome, or cry because the lyrics are so sad. Such a beautiful song.

You know... I think I'll smile! Hope you're smiling too... :)


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