Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bill Cunningham, New York

What a swell guy! Oh my, this movie was so sweetly charming and moving. I was in floods of tears by the end. Which is odd because it's not at all a sad or depressing movie. Quite the opposite in fact! A cheesy person would call it "life affirming". And since I *am* a cheesy person, that it is! You would think this movie is about fashion and New York and photography. And you would be right, it is about all those things - and would be worth watching for that aspect alone (Bill is an incredibly astute photographer, and pretty much invented the style of street fashion photography which is the norm nowadays)

But also, simply because of the wonderful kind of human being Bill Cunningham is, it becomes a movie about so much more. About beauty and passion, and individuality, and living a life of integrity and kindness. So inspiring.

I cannot recommend it highly enough! *tears up*

A taste of Bill's photography... and sweet and hilarious disposition... here (Warning: watching his NYT Street Style videos is somewhat addictive!)
Mah-velous, isn't it kids!



  1. I'm so jealous you've seen this movie! I love Bill Cunnigham - he's my imaginary grandad

  2. Hmmm... I wonder how you could get your hands on it??! I'm surprised it's not getting better distribution, since it gets such rave reviews. He does make a good imaginary grandad... I was also imagining him as an excellent grumpy-but-endearing imaginary coworker. For when I get my imaginary (but inevitable!) job at the NYT, of course...