Sunday, November 28, 2010

"I think we're lucky we've got a mystery to think about"

On our recent epic bike trip to Warburton we stumbled upon a home built in my all time favourite architectural style: "Crazy Hippie". This place was a work of art, with so many cozy stained glass lit nooks and crannies that one could sit in and pen a folk song or knead a loaf of rustic homemade bread. I immediately wanted to know who lived there so I could move in with them and raise a brood of hippie bebehs... opps, I mean solve the mystery of who had created such a strange and mystical abode.

Luckily, thanks to another strange and mystical place - The Internets - we managed to solve the mystery... meet Boinga Bob!

"Every day in life, you should push your mind a little further"

I might not be ready to push my mind *quite* as far as Bob's... but still... words we can all live by, non?


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