Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Babycakes, NYC

... is awesome. And Erin McKenna has some neat advice in today's Quit Your Job in The Awl.

"I really wasn't setting out to be a baking goddess or whatnot. I just wanted to open a fun place and make some good food, share it, listen to the music I like, dress girls up in uniforms, eat cookies all day. That's it! I think I read once that Keith McNally had the same M.O. He just opened places he'd want to go... Once you start thinking too hard, making gimmicks or whatever, that you think are going to be a draw, it loses authenticity. I believe we're all here on the planet expressing beauty in our own way"...

The Awl goes on to call her a hippie, but it's a sweet thought none-the-less! I may or may not have been accused of the same thing myself in the past though... so what do I know :)

Such simple advice... I hope one day I am taking it!


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