Thursday, July 30, 2009

In Tat or Tatters You're Entrancing

This video is wonderful... ye olde timey dancing set to the Magnetic Fields song "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing" (hmmm... does that name sound familiar... like it's the name of an AWESOME BLOG mayhaps??!)

I found more sublime dancing from Merle and Gower Champion here. This still from the video is divine! The crappy YouTube resolution actually kind of adds to it's romantic charms, don't you think? So beautiful, like a daydream from the past.

Maybe it's the cold, slighty melancholy weather today... but I felt more than a little sad when I googled Merle and Gower (great names!) and read this snippet about Gower Champion: "After the failures of the previous decade, Champion was able to make a comeback with his longest-running show. In 1980, he choreographed and directed a stage adaptation of the movie classic, 42nd Street. It won the Tony for Best Musical, and Champion was nominated for his direction and choreography, winning for the latter. The show ran for 3486 performances, but Champion did not live to see any. After numerous curtain calls on opening night, the producer stunned the cast and audience by announcing Champion had died earlier that day"

I can just imagine the applause ringing out amongst the theatre, to the empty stage. It must have sounded so sad.


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