Friday, September 4, 2009

"Be Orderly In Your Life...

... so you can be violent and original in your work"

The latest Frankie mag (of all places!) used this wonderful Flaubert quote in a recent article about the delightful sounding Charlotte Gainsbourgh, and gosh does it resonate with me at the moment. I struggle with "orderliness" (as anyone who has seen my room can attest) and also, sometimes, with the idea that I'm not violent, crazy, artistic, boisterous "enough"... so this was a wonderful thing to hear and mull over in my head. 

As much as many of my idols lived wild, yelled loud, made a messy artwork of their unconventional lives... I never really will be one of those wild ones... and that's... okay!

Speaking of orderly... this is what I have been dreaming of having lately... Oh for an organised craft area! Which pretty much proves all of the above really! LOL.

Image stolen from the wonderful mornings light blog!


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