Monday, May 17, 2010

"If you really feel something...

...if there's something really inside you, it's important... it's almost a duty... to tell your story in a different way, and to present your vision"

Harmony Korine

Finally got around to watching 'Beautiful Losers' last week - I had been a little reticent to watch it as I thought it might be a little too full of hipster back-slapping for my tastes, plus the association with Terry Richardson put me off (if you want to know why I would feel this way, read this scathing interwebs takedown written by Tavi last week, which still has me applauding!)

Luckily not only was Terry blissfully absent, but the artists were truly humble and insightful - not only about their art and the state of the art world in general, but also about the wonderful connection they all have with each other. I came away being inspired by their beautiful attitudes to friendship and community as much as by their beautiful art. Both are amazing, so go watch this video! Then make some art AND hug your friends.. :)

Margaret Killagen

Barry McGee

Steve Powers

LOL at that list of demands! Espesh "FREAK STREAK" :)


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