Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Wilderness For You and Me

'A Wilderness For You and Me' is the brain child of the obviously ultra-talented Nyssa Skorji. Not only is the name deliciously evocative, but the "objects and critters" this lady makes are something else! I mean, how could you not fall in love with these little fellows....

Told you! Head over to Nyssa's delightful shop to choose your new woodland friend.... there's some neat purses and bags there too.

Like this sly old fox...

Sorry, couldn't resist one more image! I love these!

And yes, I am the world's worst blogger! Due to a myriad of expensive and frustrating and infuriating (ok... deep breath!) computer issues I STILL don't have the internet at home.... gah!!! And I have so much to share... markets! new house! crafts!


Did I mention infuriating how this is... :)

But bear with me dear reader(s?) the internet will one day be once again filled with my pointless ramblings I promise!

Until then...


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